Promoted text: If you leave comments on the site, we will collect the data that appears in the comment form, as well as the IP addresses of the browser agent in the row to help detect spam.

An anonymous string, compiling your email address (also called a hash), can be used by the Gravatar service to find out which one you win.

Media files
Promoted text: If you select an image on the site, you will be given a unique image target from the information provided about the location (EXIF GPS). Inspection of the site can zavantazhuvaty that vytyaguvat whether-yakі data about the miscene nahodzhennya іz images on the site.

Suggested text: If you leave a comment on our site, you can save your name, email address and site in cookies. It’s for your safety, so you won’t need to re-upload your data if you miss an offensive comment. Cookies are saved 1 rec.

As long as you have a public record on the site and you enter it, we will set a time cookie to help your browser recognize cookies, the cookie does not contain any special information and is deleted when your browser is closed.

If you enter the system, we will also set a cookie set to save information about your login and set the screen. Login cookies are saved for 2 days, and cookies for setting the screen – 1 day. If you select “Remember me”, your login will be saved for 2 digits. If you see your personal account, login cookies will be deleted.

Whether you edit or publish an article, your web browser will save an additional cookie. This cookie does not contain any specific data and simply enters the article identifier, as it was edited. Yogo terminus will end in 1 day.

Introduced to other websites
Promoting text: Articles on this site may be worthwhile in the future (for example: video, images, articles then). Vbudovaniy vmіst z іnshih sіtіv іv vеde so samo, yak bi koristuvach іdvіdav іnshіy site.

These sites can collect data about you, create cookies, provide third-party add-ons and support for your interaction with them. Zokrema vіdstezhuvati vzaєmodіyu z vbudovanim vmistom, as you have є obіkovy record and you went to the whole site.

With kim mi we shared your tributes
Prompt text: If you request a password skid, your IP will be included in the skid email notification.

How long do we take your data
Pronounce text: If you leave out a comment, you save that metadata by stretching an unmarked term. In this manner, we can automatically designate and harden the skin of the attacking comment to replace the fact that we should trim them in moderation.

For corystuvachs who are registered on our website (for example, they are), we will give them personal information on their profile. All koristuvachs can look over, edit, or see their special data at any given hour (because they can’t change their own koristuvach). Site administrators can also review and edit this information.

Yakі rights you can see your data
Promoted text: If you have a physical record on this site, or if you have no comments, you can apply for the removal of the exported file of special data, as we collect about you, including all the data that you gave us. You can also help, so that we erased be-like special data, like we can like you. This does not include whether it is data, such as savings in administrative, legal and security purposes.

Where is your data sent
Promoted text: Comments reviewed may be revised for additional spam detection.